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Lunar eclipse
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When I sold my first-loved car, a 1999 Volkswagen Passat GLX, it was to a fellow VW enthusiast who knew the details and history of the vehicle. It was good for me because I didn't have to remove any of the mods I had done to it.

So when I sold our 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI and 2006 Honda Odyssey Touring last month, removing and uninstalling everything was a new experience for me. Advertising the parts and mods I had for sale was also something I had never done before--happily, it's been a good experience. I've always believed that if something is priced properly be it a car or a house or a set of rubber mats, it will sell even if the market is slow. I've never been one for delayed gratification and I figured that since I already got my enjoyment from the modifications I did, there was no reason for me to try to re-coup all the money that I already spent. I priced my items for a quick sale and I wasn't disappointed. That makes me happy and I'm sure the buyers were happy, too.

I've created this file to keep track of the non-fuel costs of our Denali XL. So far, I've come out ahead by about $500 after buying the accessories I did for our 2007 GMC Yukon XL Denali and selling items from our STI and Odyssey. That's not too bad.

In fact I had so much fun selling stuff on the Subaru and Honda forums that I decided to venture out to Craigslist and sell a 10" Dobsonian telescope we had sitting around. We bought it two Christmas's ago for our kids, but soon realized that it wasn't a good idea and other than 1 full moon, 1 lunar eclipse and 1 half-moon, it hadn't been used at all. I sold it today and it will definitely help pay for the set of winter rims and tires I'm planning on buying for The Beast. I am now also looking for the next thing of ours to sell on Craigslist :0)


  1. Can you sell my comic book collection ? I need to start saving for the girls' college fund....

  2. Have you seen the new VW Routan Minivan yet? It looks pretty cool. I think it shares a drivetrain with the Dodge and Chrysler though.... I'll stick with my Ody..

  3. I heard talk of it but haven't seen any pictures, yet. The Chrysler DNA would definitely be worrisome.

    The Ody is definitely one of the best designed and thought-out minivans.

  4. We actually test drove a Dodge/Chrysler, but it doesn't compare to the Honda. I put a pic of the Routan on my blog.

  5. If you visit the east coast again, let me know. The outerbanks are cool. I'm in a wedding this Oct. in Corolla, NC. That's where the photo of the FJ was taken on the beach. There are also wild horses roaming the beach (but they're not "wild", don't worry), more in the free sense.

    The Denali might like beach driving....

  6. Cool, I'll keep that in mind. It certainly looks like a beautiful place to visit. The Denali might like the sand... as long as an FJ was close-by to help get it unstuck! Have you thought of putting a lift on the Ody? :0)

  7. I thought about putting one on the FJ. I want to put a little bit bigger tire on it and black rims. That would look cool. I wish the Ody was AWD, that would be awesome. I might put a Mugen badge on the Ody for fun....


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