It actually fits in our garage!

Shhh.... don't tell anyone, but we actually checked out a 2008 Cadillac Escalade ESV last week. ESV is the extended version and is about 19' feet long. It has tons of cargo space behind the third row, and yes, looks....

...a bit barge-like. The interior is finished really nicely though, and the rear entertainment system comes standard with 2 roof-mounted LCD screens. The 22" chrome rims fit the Escalade's image as does the loud rumble of the top-in-class 403 HP V8 engine.

When I got home I took the tape-measure out and discovered that with a little re-arranging, we would be able to fit the Escalade ESV completely inside our garage.

During our road trip to Portland, Oregon, I decided to count how many Escalades, Mercedes GL-Class, and new Toyota Sequoias we saw on the road. This was the final count:

Escalades = 14
GL-Class = 2
2008 Sequoia = 2

We also saw tons (literally) of Suburbans (which are about the same size as the Escalade ESV).


  1. Looks like something the FBI or
    Secret Service have. :o)

    How did it drive?

  2. Well, I think since they're on the tax-payer's coin, they'll probably have something more like a Suburban :0)

    It didn't drive too badly. The sound of the V8 engine is intoxicating!

  3. I like it. It does resemble a vehicle in a protective detail;-). Nice rims and black exterior would be my choice. 4wd right?

  4. Yup, comes standard with AWD. It's really tempting because a used 2008 Escalade ESV costs the same as a new 2008 Sequoia, yet comes with HID headlamps. LED tail-lights and a nicer grille ;0)


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