Intec Cooling Station for Wii

I bought the Intec Cooling Station for Wii from Best Buy for $10. It's a USB fan that plugs into the back of the Wii and directs air to help keep it cool. I've had success using USB laptop fans to keep my HD-PVR and A/V receiver cool so I thought I would try it with the Wii.

It works as advertised, however, it is powered and running all the time. Since it blocks the USB ports in the back, there is one extra port on the side for you to use. I'll have to buy a USB hub because I still need one more port so I can plug the Rock Band drums and a couple of microphones at the same time.

The biggest problem with the Cooling Station for the Wii is that it's very noisy. It's not a big deal when you're watching TV or playing a game because it's not noticeable, but when the room is quiet the fan seems very loud.


  1. That's cool. I like that. Have you added the Internet to your Wii and setup the Wii channels?

  2. Yes, we have. I actually like using the Internet channel to search YouTube for car reviews :0) It's a bit more pixelated but it's also way more comfortable than sitting in front of the computer.


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