VW R32: dogbone mounts

I replaced the EIP Tuning dogbone mount on my R with a mount from BmF Technologies. I’d been satisfied with the EIP mount for 30k miles but for multiple reasons I decided to try something new.

When I first purchased my R I wanted to get an after-market mount to reduce the very noticeable engine thunk that accompanied hard accelerations. I originally chose the EIP mount because it was relatively inexpensive and reported to have a minimal increase in vibration compared to other mounts available at the time. In that regard the EIP dogbone was completely satisfactory. You can find pictures and more information here: EIP Mk4 R32 rear transmission mount.

I wanted to try a new dogbone because recent stories I’d read about EIP made me wonder whether there was something better that would fit my budget. I decided on a dogbone mount from BmF Technologies, a performance tuning shop located in Maryland, because the price was right and I felt it was better constructed.

The BmF dogbone causes more vibration, primarily at the steering wheel and in the pedals, most noticeable at idle in 1st gear. The vibration was no where near what I would describe as being excessive or bothersome. There is also less engine movement under hard accelerations. It’s still only been a relatively short time, but so far I’m satisfied. You can find more pictures and information by following this link: dogbone mounts.


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