Day 1: Vancouver to Spokane

Click here for MAP of Day 1: Vancouver to Spokane.

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DQ lunch in Ellensburg

07-07-07: Road Tripalooza begins!

Today we started our road trip to Washington, D.C. :0)

I bought a GPS data logger so I'm tracking our progress on Google Maps and geotagging the photos I'm taking during the trip.

Today's Summary: Vancouver, Canada to Spokane, WA
Total distance traveled: 666 km
Estimated travel time (GPS): 6 hours, 20 min.
Total elapsed driving time: 6 hours, 30 min.
Average fuel consumption: 10.8 L/100 km
Average speed: 117 km/h
Highest observed outside temp: 32° C
Number of confirmed V1 bogies: 2
Tip of the Day: Avoid long border lineups by going into the Duty Free shop and buying something, anything. We shortened a projected 1+ hour wait to about 15 minutes by buying a $7.50 mini-bottle of Absolut Vodka. When you exit the store, the attendants direct you to merge back into traffic at the front of the border line. That was $7.50 well invested :0)


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