What planet are they from?

I woke up this morning and saw some blue in the sky so I grabbed my camera just in time to capture the sun rising behind Mount Baker. The cold front is arriving earlier than expected and the weather forecast says we can expect 5-10 cm of snow tonight.

I just got back from taking the Sequoia in to replace a broken door trim. It was a part that was ordered in the summer but I just now got around to getting it fixed. On my way over to the dealership, with the beautiful sunshine, I had to use the sun visor. The Sequoia actually has two sun visors for both the driver and passenger--for a total of four, which I thought was cool. Presumably, the Toyota designers gave us that many visors in case you have to use the second visor to block out the sun from the front when you already have the first visor blocking out the side window.

Then this occured to me: I can't imagine any situation where I would need to block out the sun from both the front and side windows. I wonder what solar system the designers came from?


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