So, now what?

This week I've looked at 3 different vehicles to be possible candidates to replace our Honda Odyssey and Subaru Impreza STI: The 2008 Land Rover LR3, the 2008 Toyota Sequoia, and the 2009 Honda Pilot. In the end, I feel like I've just ended up where I started from. There is no perfect vehicle and choosing one is a matter of choosing which compromises I'm going to be willing to live with.

The truth of it is, I think our Honda Odyssey is a pretty good vehicle for us despite my shallowness in refusing to accept the fact that we are a minivan family. Maybe for passenger space it's not the best and it doesn't have 4WD, but it sure excels in cargo space and convenience. (And don't tell anyone, but sometimes I look at our minivan and I think it looks pretty good--for a minivan.) It's really hard to justify making a change in vehicles for only minor improvements in certain areas while giving up things in other areas.

So, now what? I have such a short attention span that I don't think I'm ever going to stop looking at new vehicles and new ways to spend money. But maybe I can hold off on getting rid of the minivan if I can make it more cool. Maybe something like new 20" wheels....

Tire Rack, here I come!


  1. If nothing out there really stands out, and if the Ody will still work for you, there's no rush to get something bigger. Maybe something will come out later that has everything you want.

    Having said that, the Honda sounded best to me, practically speaking. Still, if it's not fun to drive then you might not even last 5 years. :o)

  2. Having just gotten an Ody, I think you should stick with the Honda... I mean, I was struggling with the whole mini-van thing also, but you made it cool !

    And I think the Ody looks cool as well... Wait 'till I put my Yakima Skybox on top....

  3. Wait.... You cannot get rid of the Subaru. That car is awesome (as is the R32). I didn't realize this was part of the deal. When I move on from the FJ, I'm planning on a AWD type car - the R32, STi and the Evo being my favorites.

    Also, where did you get that Subaru sticker on the side of your van?

  4. That's what makes finding a replacement so hard because there's nothing that can replace the practicality of the Ody and the fun of the STI.

    The 4th annual Alki Beach Subaru meet is coming up and I'm getting the urge to go again. Plus, at the end of the month we're planning a trip down to Oregon. So I may have to admit that we are also a two vehicle family.

    P.S. I got the Subaru sticker from

  5. I found the best Iron Man pic for that bike...

  6. Some black rims would look good on your Ody. (20's)


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