VW R32: Just in from Germany

Many moons ago I received an unexpected gift mailed to original VW 2004 Golf R32 owners. Never has receiving a wood product been so satisfying. Well, that’s not strictly true — receiving my degrees was satisfying, too. :o)

Check below the fold for more information.

Roughly a year and a half after purchasing my R, I unexpectedly received an R32 poster in the mail. This poster was 1 of 5000 mailed to each original owner of a 2004 R32 — printed individually on the poster’s lower left. Despite how much I might wish otherwise, the poster number has nothing to do with my R’s production sequence.

The poster says “Just in from Germany”, and in the lower right, “The 240 hp, 6-speed, all-wheel drive limited edition R32. Drivers Wanted.”

NB. I took the shot at an angle to avoid glare and reflections. Lest you think VWoA is simply rolling in cash (who knows, maybe they are), I had the poster mounted and framed myself.


  1. I remember seeing that. It's neat that they sent it to you. What number print is it?


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