The Sewer Solution

We were camping in our Keystone Premier 31BHPR one weekend when our neighbors in the next site mentioned that they had something called The Sewer Solution. The way they described the way it worked interested me, so we decided to buy one for ourselves while we were in Orgeon to save having to pay sales tax. I have to say, I totally love the system. It definitely makes dumping our tanks a much nicer experience....

From Bullet Mods and Accessories
The Sewer Solution works by using water pressure to force waste down through the narrow hose. That means you need to run an extra water line to the sewer valves. Because we always stay at campgrounds with full hook-ups, that's never a problem for us.

From Bullet Mods and Accessories

From Bullet Mods and Accessories

After you turn on the water jet, you open the valve and the waste gets pushed into the campground sewer system. When the black tank is empty, close the valve and open the grey tank. After it's all empty, what remains running through the hose is fresh water. You never have to worry about drips or bad smells. It's very much like dumping and rinsing all in one step. It makes one of the sometimes unpleasant tasks of RVing much, much cleaner. I highly recommend it.


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