Ballet Nouveau Colorado: Intersection

I was honored to receive a request that my photos be used in a contemporary ballet called Intersection that will be performed in Denver, Colorado area later this month. Very cool!

Dear istargazer,

I would like to request the use of your photography under the Creative Commons license you have applied to your work.

My name is Garrett Ammon, and I am the Artistic Director of Ballet Nouveau Colorado. I am currently in the process of creating a new contemporary ballet, in collaboration with Poet Michael J. Henry, entitled Intersection. The ballet will be an evening length work incorporating poetry, music and dance, as well as projections of photographs, video and text. The ballet will be presented in the denver area from October 30 through November 8, 2009.

Your photography will be incorporated into projections that will be displayed across two screens above the stage and/or on a television that will be utilized during the performance.

Your screen name (and your full name if you would like) and the URL(s) of your photography will be printed in the program. I will also be maintaing a growing collection of flickr galleries that will include all of the photographs that will be appearing in the ballet.

All I can offer in return is my gratitude and thanks for your generosity. I would also like to offer complimentary tickets to a performance of Intersection, if you happen to be in the Denver area at the time of the production.

With great appreciation,

Garrett Ammon
Artistic Director, Ballet Nouveau Colorado

To learn more about me and Ballet Nouveau Colorado visit:

To learn more about my collaborator, Poet Michael J. Henry, and Lighthouse Writers Workshop visit:

You can see a photo gallery of my previous collaboration with Michael here:


  1. How wonderful thing it is !Congratulations!And by the way,your photo is really very beautiful.


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