Zinga Warriorz - The Gun

I was searching YouTube tonight for a couple of songs I heard on some TV commercials when I happened to find this song: The Gun by the Zinga Warriorz. I'd never heard of them before and this is from a live recording they did in May 2007 at down 2 earth studios in Birmingham, UK. Pretty catchy and now living on my iPod.


  1. They arn't about any more though.. split up :/

    My mate Carlo is in the BG playing drums for them. They have some other good songs on youtube, check out "keeping up with the joneses". I have a DVD of theirs knocking around someplace, they recorded it in the the Medbar Digbeth.

  2. Direct link to it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWLMMiOuCRY&feature=related

  3. That's too bad they aren't together anymore. I really liked their sound.


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