Spoke too Soon

Whew. False alarm. There was a time where I religiously checked the Canadian U.S. vehicle admission list, but I stopped in 2005.

Luckily. Fortunately. Thank the stars -- my brother checked the list and told me the R32 is now admissible in Canada. When did they make the change regarding importing R32?

I don't care!

More beneath the fold

It was a close call, too. This weekend I was going to look at a couple cars. I might have actually pulled the trigger.

So... good news. But earlier today I also had a funny/odd/irritating experience at Rockville Audi. The salesman wouldn't give me a quote. He would only give me MSRP (which, by the way, I'd already looked up online). Eh? I couldn't quite believe what he was saying.

To paraphrase, "I can't give you a quote because quotes are based on individual cars, and unless you actually decide to buy an Audi I'm not going to bother looking to see if a car with your options is available...." Eh!? Same thing happened with financing options.

Isn't cost and financing important considerations when debating which car to buy? How did he expect me to decide on an Audi if I didn't know how much the Audi would cost!? Idiot.

Even worse, I felt like I knew more about the Audi than the salesman. He had no idea what options were available. He also seemed puzzled when I specifically mentioned I wanted HIDs. I guess he doesn't think they're as important a safety feature as I do.


  1. BTW, I had similar experiences at the Mercedes dealerships. I was practically ignored when I walked in and actually had to hunt for a salesperson to help me.

    That was fine at first because I could then sit in and check out the vehicles all I wanted, but it got really annoying after awhile when I wanted to ask questions.

    I think that good salespeople wouldn't turn away business.


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