Subaru Impreza WRX STI: 2 Laps @ Mission Raceway

The camera mount that I put into the STI worked pretty well at the track. What you see here is 2 laps around the track at Mission Raceway. We were divided into groups and took turns being the lead car while the instructor sat beside us giving tips. This is the 3rd out of 4 runs we did during the afternoon (so I'm a lot smoother than I was at the beginning) and I'm following a 2006 STI right before it's my turn to lead.


  1. The next Alonso! What was that rattling sound around 2min 50sec? Was your window rolled down?

  2. LOL--I wish!

    I'm not sure what the rattling noise is because I didn't notice it when I was driving. I think it must have something to do with the mount (or something in the rear) because the camera picks it up quite well.

    I had been planning on driving with the windows closed, but the instructors never said anything either way. So instead of running the A/C, I had both front windows open for all my runs.

  3. I had another listen at the 2:50 mark and I think what it was some gravel/debris on the track.

    Pit lane comes out right before that turn (Turn 1) and there's a lot of debris in middle of the track. It shouldn't be a problem because it's not along the racing line. But I noticed that a few people would drive over that debris as they came out of pit lane and deposit that garbage mid-turn. I couldn't understand why they did that. It was the same reason why I couldn't understand why people drove on the gravel area in the paddock just before going out on to the track.

  4. That is odd. I see people wet their tires at drag strips, but gravel?

    Is there an overhead view/map of the track somewhere? That would be neat to see.

  5. They changed the track configuration this past year, so Google Maps only shows the cold one right now.

    This link: Mission Map 2 and 1 shows the new and old configurations. Note: The new configuration is slightly different in Turn 1 after the long straightaway. In that map you drive counter-clockwise.

    The old map should be flipped 180-degrees to match the new one.

    As for the gravel, I just don't think they cared about it.


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