VW R32: Vandalized

A little over a week ago my R was vandalized. Needless to say, I was and am still not happy. The pictures are self-explanatory.

There's more below the fold.

No need to spell it out, though. The point was made when the vandal(s) carved the R in the first place, unless it's proof of literacy.


  1. That is terrble! Where did you park?

  2. This happened at home-- I was parked in my usual spot.

  3. That's horrible! Do you think it can be repaired by respraying just the hood, or do your sidepannels heva to be resprayed as well to avoid color differences?

  4. I was dreading clicking on those pictures. I don't understand people some times :0(

  5. The person I talked to said the entire hood needs to be resprayed and 'blended' with the side panels. I didn't think to ask whether 'blending' involves painting the side panels.

  6. Last sunday more than 60 cars were vandalized with blue paint, not far from were I live. The damage ranges from some blue strikes on a hood, to a fully covered car. I saw a picture of this car and it was just horrible... The whole thing was blue, windows, lights, rims, everything! Makes me wonder... what fun is there in destroying other peoples hard-earned properties... I just do not understand it :S

    Click my link to see a picture of one of the cars....

  7. That's terrible. I don't understand it either.


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