VW R32: Lexan headlight covers

I’d decided to use Lexan headlight covers rather than adhesive-type film to protect my HIDs (Let there be light). I preferred the Lexan covers because I disliked the idea of attaching anything permanent to my HIDs, especially if there was a chance no matter how remote that it could turn yellowish in the future. As a bonus, these covers are OEM. I don’t know about now, but at the time Hillside Imports was the only place in the U.S. that sold them.

Bad news—through no fault of my own the driver-side cover was almost immediately cracked after installation. Good news—it was still useable. Despite being useable I would have replaced it if I could have found a place that sold them singly rather than pairs. I took a close look recently and I’m happy to say that although the covers are marked up, my HIDs are still in perfect condtion. The Lexan covers are well worth the cost.

Anywhoo, 29 months later someone contacted me regarding the Lexan covers. To cut the story short, we agreed to go halfsies on a new pair of Lexan covers. They arrived last night and this morning I replaced the driver-side cover.

FYI, the covers were $85 USD from Hillside Imports, part no. VWA0013.


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