2007 Infiniti G35 Sport - No automatic door locks

I was doing a bit of reading on the forums today and was surprised to find out that the Infiniti G35 does not have automatic door locks. I find this very unusual and disappointing for this class of vehicle. Especially since my 1999 VW Passat had it. My 2003 Toyota Sequoia had it. And my 2006 Honda Odyssey has it....

I know this is a very minor detail and it's simple just to press the door lock button yourself after you drive, but this vehicle is a "luxury" class vehicle and should not be missing things that are standard on lesser vehicles. Especially since the very first warning in the section on doors is:
Always have the doors locked while driving. Along with the use of seat belts, this provides greater safety in the event of an accidnet by helping to prevent persons from being thrown from the vehicle. This also helps keep children and others from unintentionally opening the doors, and will help keep out intruders.

Maybe if you've never had this feature before, you might not see the need for doors that lock automatically after you start to drive and automatically unlock when you park the car. But if you've had it on most the other vehicles you've had and then drive a one that doesn't have it, it's a glaring omission.


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