2006 STI - Cobb AP Stage 1: First impressions

COBB TUNING Calibration Notes for 2004-2006 Subaru STi
AccessPORT Calibration Stage1 93 v111
Power Output: 325 HP / 340 ft-lbs which is a 40 ft-lb & 25 HP increase over stock. Peak torque is achieved by ~3800RPM compared to ~4000RPM for the stock vehicle.

We had some freak snow yesterday and today, but I finally was able to go on a short (25 min) test drive this afternoon when the sun came out and dried everything up.

I'm running the standard 93-octane base map and using 94 octane fuel. Like a lot of people have said, there's definitely smoother power delivery with the AP and less turbo lag because the power comes earlier in the RPM. It's a noticeable difference and it should have come like that from the factory....

I didn't bother to reset the ECU after flashed Stage 1. According to the live data readings on the AP (I don't have a boost gauge), I was hitting 17+ peak boost in full throttle pulls in 3rd and 4th gear. From what I've read this is normal while the ECU is still learning. Afterwards, according to the map notes, target boost should be around 16.5 psi. I can't wait to get out on the road again:0)

It should be even more fun when Cobb releases the 0-60, 1/4 updates--then I can do performance comparisons between the stock and Stage 1 maps ;0)... although, I'm already dreaming of Stage 2 :devil:.


  1. Wow, nice! I think that's a pretty impressive gain for something that's considered "Stage 1". :o)

    But... snow!?

  2. Yeah, it was crazy. They had 6 cm out in Mission in the morning. By the time the afternoon came, the sun was blazing in Coquitlam--like a normal spring day.

    It was like Mother Nature was playing an April Fools joke on us!

  3. I just got done installing the K&N Typhoon intake in my car and like you said, it sounds great. Now I just got done reading this post about the Cobb AP Stage 1 upgrade and I want to do this too. But I have worries about doing this to my 2006 STI without completely screwing the car up beyond all belief. I have a boost gauge installed along with a turbo gauge also. What do you think about what I have done and what I want to do in the future?

  4. I had zero problems with the AccessPort, especially since my STI was mostly stock. Your's sounds pretty much the same as mine and I don't think having the other guages will affect anything.

    If I had kepy my STI longer, I would have installed guages on it, too.


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