2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI - 17074 km - Valvoline SynPower Complete Fuel System Cleaner

Valvoline SynPower Complete Fuel System Treament applied. I first used Valvoline's product on the Passat and I thought it made a noticeable improvement in the throttle response. On subsequent uses, I didn't notice any difference. I think it was because the fuel system had been cleaned and was not as dirty any more....

For some reason Canadian Tire stopped carrying Valvoline SynPower and I couldn't find anywhere else that sold it. I had to buy this bottle in Bellingham, WA at Schucks the last time I was down there in the summer.

I after I poured it into the tank, I made a quick run to the airport and back. I couldn't notice any immediate differences, but the STI is only a year old and I've been using Chevron premium 93 octane almost exclusively, so the fuel system couldn't have been that dirty. I can comment on how much fun I had, though.... 1/4 tank of fuel used up in just under 100 km--that's how much fun!!! :evilgrin:

Also had a chance to practice a launch in the STI. I was terrible at it when I was out at Mission last summer. This time I was relaxed and I let the clutch slip a lot more. I must have hit the sweet spot because as soon as I let off the clutch my head snapped back into the seat!!! :eek: I've never felt that kind of rocket-like acceleration before....


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