Getting my music back

Ever since I picked the R up with 34 miles on the odometer I'd noticed that one or two of my CDs would reach a particular track and stop--without fail--and be automatically ejected. I originally assumed that the R's CD player was having a strange reaction to some type of copy protection and while this gave me the initial impetus to purchase a 6-disc CD changer other than that I left it alone.

More recently the stock CD player has completely gone kaput. It won't recognize any CDs it had played previously. I stick the CD in, the player spins uselessly, Error 1 appears, and the CD pops back out. At first I shrugged my shoulders and let it go. I have my CD changer, right? But as time went on the inconvenience began to bother me. I keep my current favourites in the changer, but for a change I find it convenient to use the player in the headunit. I did some research, mainly on vwvortex, and discovered that others with similar problems had had the entire headunit replaced under warranty.

Anywhoo, I decided that at my rapidly approaching 30k service I'd inquire whether Pro-Imports could take a look at the CD player at the same time. This lasted about a month or so until I began to question why I was willing to pay for repairs still covered by my Volkswagen 4-yr/50k warranty. Scaring away customers from free repairs must be a talent only VW has.

So the next question was which dealership do I take the R to? I've been to several in my area, the best only lasting 2-3 cases before disappointing me and causing me to promise, never again. This time I decided on King VW--I've been there frequently for parts, but never for service; they're conveniently located with shuttle service every half hour to the Metro.

This morning I had an appointment at King VW for 8:00 am. Apparently, although my appointment was for 8 o'clock, VW would need 8 hours to look at it. Wangos. I finished signing paper work at 7:55 am. Unfortunately, I'd missed the 8 o'clock shuttle. Eh? Oh well, to their waiting room, then, which had a table, some chairs, one lonely magazine, and a television showing Good Morning America (which deserves a separate post all on its own). No coffee, no newspaper, nada.

8:30 am--bored out of my mind and still no shuttle, but no longer alone. Several other customers seem to be in the same boat.

9:00 am-- Yay! All aboard... a Nissan. Eh?! Oh well. We're on our way, yipee! But... wait... first the driver needs to stop for some gas. While the driver is outside filling up we passengers compare notes on the quality of customer service at different dealerships.

2:00 pm--I'm finally at work and still pretty confident that King VW doesn't really need 8 hours to confirm that the CD player doesn't work. I call for an update. Gee, the entire headunit needs to be replaced and you don't have it in stock? Tell me something I don't know.

In the evening I picked up the R (one of the reasons I dislike VW service is that in my experience they always adjust the seats and never even attempt to put them back the way they were) and discover that King VW is unable to even give me an estimate as to when the part will arrive. Ugh.

So, what condition was the R in when I picked it up? No new scratches or dings (yay!), seats out of whack (oh well), and my flapper mod was activated. Eh? I'd purposely turned it off before dropping off the R. I hope they were just trying to see what it was, rather than goof up the wiring. If they were that curious they could have just called me. Oh yeah, and the R no longer beeps when I lock the doors. What the heck?! How for the love of all things R did they mess *that* up when they were only checking my CD player!?


  1. You do nice work.

    Referring back a couple posts to Blog Shares, it's alot of fun. Especially getting to play along with other people.

    Wondering if you're open to link exchanges; I have seven blogs to play with. Those of mine and my associates.

    Let me know what you think, eh? Sounds like it could be a good win-win.


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