Neighborhood Grow-op

A few years ago this house used to have a marijuana grow-op in the basement, but authorities never found out about it until it went up in flames one night. It sat empty for quite a while before it was put up for sale at the asking price of $700,000. It sold but nothing was done and it was put back on the market. Now the new owners are fixing it up and judging by the amount of the work they've had to do, it was pretty much gutted.

Anyway, the reason I'm talking about that house is I ran out of gas the other day heading up the mountain and after a lot of stalling was just barely able to coax the STI to that parking spot in front of the house. Friday night after the cruise I stopped by to take some pictures and also took this ghostly self-portrait:

Self ghost in under 30 seconds


  1. Why didn't you fill-er up before you went up the mountain? - Charles

  2. I thought I would have enough to make it home, but about 1/4 of the way up it started to stutter. I don't know where the feed is in the fuel tank but I think it got worse because of the angle of the slope. I made it as far up as 7/8's but I actually had to roll down the hill backwards a bit through a 4-way stop until I could find a safe place to park.

    I thought about coasting down to the gas station but there were a few more uphill slopes on the way down and I had already ready used up all the fumes in the tank--ha, ha. Luckily enough, my dad was near-by to give me a lift.

  3. So how many litres did it take to fill up after that?


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