Trying to keep the magic of childhood alive and Oprah is not helping!

Hedonistica - Elmo on Oprah

A re-run of Oprah's episode with Elmo was on today and my kids just happened to see it. While Oprah interviewed the man who was the voice of Elmo (who happened to have his hand up Elmo's butt), Cal just kept repeating: "Elmo's a puppet! Elmo's a puppet! Elmo's a puppet!"

Now I know she's long outgrown Sesame Street, but my youngest--who earlier during the previews was happily telling me that she had seen Elmo on TV--was eerily quiet during the actual segment.

It's getting harder and harder to keep the childhood magic alive without the harsh reality of the adult world storming into my little girls' lives. The other day we were watching Michael Palin's excellent documentary, Pole to Pole in which he travels from the North Pole to the South Pole in the most direct route possible over land. In the first episode, he stands next to a marker that indicates the North Pole, and the first thing Sid asks is, "Where's Santa's castle?"


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