2006 Subaru STI: Weds TC105N Center Caps

Whoo-hoo! The center caps for my new WedsSport wheels arrived today. They were supposed to have been shipped with the wheels, but weren't. When I called Gruppe-S about it, they dealt with it very professionally and said they would send them out. I expected the center caps to be plastic and much smaller--these ones are almost the size of tea cups! At least there's no chance of them popping out while I'm driving and now the wheels look much better. The only issue is that tomorrow I have to get different sized hub rings because the center caps won't fit over the original ones (73mm X 56.15mm).


  1. Nope. They're super light--hardly weigh anything. I got new hub rings today. Volco Tires in Coquitlam have been awesome throughout the entire wheel upgrade process and they just exchanged the old ones for me. The center caps fit right over the hub.

    I feel a lot better about spending $30 USD each for them knowing that there's no chance of me losing one while I drive.

  2. Is it the hub rings that prevent them from potentially falling out, or the design of the caps?

  3. It's the design of the caps because they are held by the lip that is pressed in between the wheel and the hub.


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