ProPride 3P Hitch: Second Impressions

I took our Keystone Premier 31BH out of the valley and brought it into town last night so that I could get some service done. I was able to adjust the ProPride Hitch and get another impression of it since my first time towing with it last week. I set the weight distribution bars to 7.5" and I think it's the right setting because the forward/back motion--which I learned is called "chucking"--is minimized and the steering feels good. I might also try 8" again next time just to confirm. Also, after towing again last night I'm confident that my installation was correct because the whole rig pulls nice and straight.

My previous complaint about it being tedious to raise and lower the WD bars with a ratchet socket has been nullified after I realized that I had a speed wrench (like the one used for the stabilizer jacks) that I could use. It's much stronger than the one for the stabilizer jacks so there's no worry about breaking it and it makes the process of raising or lowering the WD bars a breeze and it takes no time at all.

The more I use the ProPride 3P the more I appreciate the whole system.

My only problem now is that I have to remove the hitch so that our dealer will be able to fix the defective stabilizer jacks. They can't move the trailer with the ProPride hitch in place.


  1. Why not just leave the stinger with the dealer? We tow with a Hensley and that's what I do wen dropping the rig off for service.

  2. Good point. I'll ask them about it again.

    I asked the first time but the guy didn't seem it would work because they only had a ball mount on their fork lifts.

  3. I'll bet they have 2500 series pick-up truck with an empty receiver that will accept your stinger to move your trailer around. If not, I think I would find another dealer. Removing the hitch head from the trailer every time you need service would be a major PITA.

  4. Well, good news. I stopped by my dealer last night and talked to the service manager. After a little prodding, he said that they would be able to hook it up with a receiver if I kept the stinger attached.



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