LG Eve GW620R Android - Factory Reset

My LG Eve GW620R Android smartphone hasn't been very reliable since I bought it back in December. First it got bricked when I tried to update the firmware and the entire mainboard had to be replaced. Then about a month ago the system software got corrupted and I lost half of all the function on my phone. Online technical support didn't help and when I went to Cellcom at Coquitlam Centre for help, the person there was COMPLETELY UNHELPFUL so much so the guy turned me away and basically said he would not help me at all. I just about gave up on getting my phone fixed at all.

Today I tried one more time and with the help of telephone support I was able to do a factory reset by pressing the VOL Down, Menu, and Camera buttons at the same time while the phone was on. I thought I had tried that already, but this time it worked and I got full function on the phone again....

I have to thank William at Wireless Wave who seemed really to care about helping and directed me to the correct solution. Also, telephone support was really quick and efficient and I had no wait time despite the recorded message warning me that there may be at least a 15 minute delay.


  1. hey man im trying your factory reset and its not doing anything like how long do u hold it for and do u have the p[rogramn to remove the lock out procedure

  2. when i put on my android, it doesnt give me access to operate it, it tells me to key in my gmail account and password, and when did, it tells me invalid username or password. plz see if u can help thanx.

    1. I have this problem too. I can see that you wrote this a year ago, but did you ever find anything out to help fix this problem?


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