Trip Report: Sunnyside Campground Cultus Lake BC

Sunnyside Campground: 2 Nights

The maiden voyage in our Tango RV travel trailer was a great success. There were a lot of "firsts" for us and the kids, but we all had great fun--despite my returning home with a minor concussion and whiplash! More on that later.

We left home on July 1st, Canada Day holiday morning. It took me a while to get hitched up again after only doing for the first time over a week earlier. We finally got on the road around 10:30-ish and went over the Port Mann Bridge to the commercial truck scales to weigh ourselves. After a brief stop in the empty parking lot of an Abbotsford church for lunch, we arrived at Sunnyside Campground in Cultus Lake early in the afternoon.

Despite waiting an hour so that we could get "Twilight" admission to the Cultus Lake Water Slides (4 hours of playtime from 2:30 to closing) it still cost our whole family over $90 to get in. To me, it wasn't worth it because most of the time is spent waiting in lines, but the kids loved it. I went on the Valley of Fear with Kendra and when they told me to keep my chin down and butt off the bottom, I leaned backwards and hit my head going down. I had a headache for the rest of the night and the next day my neck muscles were so sore I could barely turn my head!

Camping at Sunnyside was much more fun. There were lots of trees and a fire pit for us to roast hotdogs and marshmallows over. The kids playground was modern and the local store had just about everything a camper would need. After the water slides, we walked down to the private beach and had a swim there. It was very enjoyable and I can see us going back some day.

It was very interesting walking through the camping area and seeing how different people set up their sites. It gave us ideas for what we wanted to get for our next trip out. Some of the things we want to get is a small axe (for making kindling), a sewer hose support system (to keep it off the ground and angled in the right direction), and some leveling boards because I could not level the trailer without lifting the wheels. I specifically did not buy them for this trip because I knew they were much cheaper in the USA, but I didn't realize the importance of them until we arrived at our camp.
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