2007 GMC Yukon XL Denali Fuel Consumption

I found a great iPhone/iPod Touch app at the iTunes store for keeping track of fuel consumption and automobile expenses called Road Trip. One of the best things I like about it is that I can enter either gallons or litres and whether or not I fill the tank and it will keep track of all sorts of stats and show me my fuel consumption in either mpg or L/100 km. You can then export all of this data into a spreadsheet through email. I find it easier to simply take a screenshot on my Touch and upload it here, which I plan on doing on a monthly basis from now on. This particular screen shows all the accumulative data since I first bought the Denali back in August 2008.

Click the thumbnail above to see the full stats. You can see that the fuel consumption is not great. On the highway I was able to get an average of around 14 mpg, but in the city where I do most of my driving I get around 10 mpg. Such is the cost of living at the top of a mountain. You can also see that on my last fill-up I averaged only 8 mpg. That was the fuel that I used to go on our camping trip to Concrete, WA with our 30' travel trailer. Such is the cost of having fun!

The most surprising stat to me was how much fuel the Denali costs me since I've owned it: almost $9 per day. And that includes the days that I'm not driving!


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