VW R32: O.Z. Crono HT Installed

I purchased some 5-spoke O.Z. Crono HT wheels for my summer tires a short while back. This weekend I finally installed them.

Click below the fold for pictures.

First, for easier comparison, this first picture is with the stock Aristos:

Now, the last two pictures are with the O.Z. wheels:

Me likey! I think the O.Z. wheels make the R look cleaner and a little more aggressive than the Aristos.


  1. Those look great! Did you happen to weigh them before you put them on? How do they compare to the old ones? Are they lighter?

    BTW, I went to Costco and bought the 2.5 Ton low-profile jack today. I checked it out and everything looks good.

  2. I didn't weigh them myself, but the O.Z. wheels are 19.5lbs ea. and the Aristo's are about 28lbs ea.. So I'm saving a total of around 36lbs.

    Thanks for picking up the jack.


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