2009 Tango 289BH Travel Trailer

We jumped through another hoop today and the financing has been approved for our new 2009 Tango Travel Trailer. We're another step closer to parking this behemoth on our driveway.

Overall, we must have looked at over 25 different RVs over this past month. This particular Tango happened to be the very first one we saw when we started this journey. On that first day, it was shown to us as a high-end trailer with high-quality materials throughout. But the $33000+ CAD list price was a lot of money.

The sales person showed us different trailers and configurations (even used ones) until we reached an entry-level double-bunk model with slides that was very reasonably priced. We left the lot that day with a handful of brochures and our heads about to explode.

We went to other RV dealers and looked at many more models and realized that there were certain things we liked and didn't like....

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Some things just seemed to be standard issue so we didn't concern ourselves with items like a refrigerator, microwave, stove, oven, air conditioning, shower/toilet, awning, stereo/DVD player, and dinette.

  • Queen bed for us
  • bunk beds for the kids
  • sofa bed
  • comfortable shower and toilet
  • lots of well organized storage areas
  • must feel open and spacious with or without a slide

Didn't Likes
  • 70's era decor
  • old-fashioned looking aluminum sides
  • cheap looking material and finishing
  • having to use the dinette as a sleeping area

Of course, everything that we wanted also had to come under our maximum towing capacity of 7800 lbs.

We even got to look inside some legendary Airstream trailers. Those were truly beautiful with modern airy interiors and thoughtful designs. Unfortunately, even the smallest of Airstream trailers were reaching our towing limit. Oh, yeah, they also listed at over $70,000!

Tango brand trailers are built by Pacific Coachworks in Riverside, California. The quality of materials and construction and the abundance of storage areas as well as the large bunk area really drew us back to the Tango. Also, we decided that we didn't want a slide because it would add additional weight to the trailer and we wanted to be as compact as you could possibly be in a 30' trailer.

So at the Coquitlam Center, when we saw that the Tango had been further reduced in price and after seeing all the other trailers at a higher cost even though the materials were inferior and the decor was beyond retro (venturing into grand-motherly), it was easy to take the step towards ownership. The Tango trailer also comes with exterior speakers and a power awning.

Here are a few pictures of the interior taken from Pacific Coachworks' web site.

Main living area showing the kitchen, dinette, and sofa:


Close-up of the sofa with the bedroom behind:


Queen bed:


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