Honda Odyssey: Pinnacle Formula One Tint

One of the things I really appreciated during our road trip to Washington, DC was the ceramic window tint that was installed on the Honda Odyssey just before we left. Ceramic tint has excellent heat rejection properties that made a significant difference in our comfort, especially with the 35° C and above weather.

One thing that I didn't think about was tinting the sun roof....

The way the sunroof is positioned in the Odyssey, any sunshine that came through would feel uncomfortably intense, so much so that I would have the shade closed almost all of the time--even here in Vancouver. I didn't have that problem at all in our Toyota Sequoia.

So when I took my dad in to get his 2007 Infiniti G35 to get tinted, I brought the van in to get the sunroof done also. It only cost about $30 and even though it doesn't look much darker, I can now keep the cover open and let more light in without getting uncomfortable.

Here's my original post about getting the Pinnacle Formula One ceramic tint.

UPDATE: October 19, 2008

Our Honda Odyssey has been sold for a couple months now, but I wanted to give an update about the tinted windows. In British Columbia, it is illegal to have any form of tint on the driver or front passenger windows. I've had very little problems in the past. In the sunshine and with open sky behind, the 35% front tint looked very light. However, this past summer got off to a very slow start and the cloudy, overcast days made the front tint on the Odyssey look very dark. The darkened sunroof didn't help let light in either. With outside reflections, the windows sometimes looked impenetrable. This was dark enough to attract attention from the police. Because of that I received two tint tickets within a month and I almost got a third one from another cop who pulled from an intersection with lights on to come along side me to check me out. I saw him coming in my mirror and rolled down one of my windows, so by the time he caught up he took a moment but changed his mind.

The next time I tint my windows, I'll probably stick to using just 50% in the front. I still would tint the sunroof, though.


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