Day 21: Fremont, Ohio to Washington, DC

Today is a "take-it-easy" day--relatively--so I'm finally catching up with some posts I missed.

The final drive into Washington, DC was relatively uneventful especially compared to the day before (Day 20: Black River Falls to Fremont). Plus, sensing that we were getting closer to our destination--we made up some time at the end.

*** Note: The summary below includes arriving at our destination and going out to have dinner at a local restaurant. Distance and average speed data will be affected.
Day's Summary: Fremont, Ohio to Gaithersburg, MD
Total distance traveled: 682.5 km
Estimated travel time (GPS): 6 hours, 21 min.
Total elapsed driving time: 6 hours, 34 min.
Average fuel consumption: 11.7 L/100 km
Average speed: 97 km/h
Highest observed outside temp: 30° C
Number of confirmed V1 bogies: 2

Click below for pictures....

Road Trip Day 21 Pictures


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