Our Festive Odyssey

This is another twist in my quest to make our 2006 Honda Odyssey "not like the others"--the other countless minivans filling the roads out there. The first was back in October with some bats for a little Halloween Spirit. Now it's Christmas lights :lol:

This is something that I've been doing for about 3 years starting with our 2003 Toyota Seqouia. It actually started because I had an extra string of lights and I was trying to think of a way to use them. What was nice about the Sequoia was that the 2-prong outlet was at the front and there was a power switch on the dash so I could turn it on and off.

Since on the Odyssey's electrical outlet is in the rear and there was no power switch to control it, I had to buy an extension cord with a switch on it so that I could control when the lights were on or off. It cost me about $10 CAD from Canadian Tire.

Anyway, it's become sort of a tradition and my kids look forward to it. They help me string the lights around the interior of the vehicle. Oh yeah, today I loaded the 6-disc with Christmas tunes, too :^D.

Some shots of our festive Sequoia in the snow can be seen on this page: Cypress Mountain 2003 (night).


  1. Careful with those Christmas lights... many of them have lead in the wire coating.


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