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I orginally signed up on Flickr simply because my web host was filled and I needed a place to store pictures online. Flickr also allowed me to control who could and could not see my pictures. There are a lot--and I mean a lot--of pictures shared on Flickr that range from the mundane to the truly inspirational. Sometimes I try not to look at too many of the really spectacular shots because I get an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy. It's like the photo thread at NASIOC which is populated by a lot of professional photographers.

Despite that, I want to share some amazing photos that I've saved as a "Favorite." I've seen a lot of great pictures, but in order for me to click the "Add to Faves" button, a picture not only has to look great but it also to take a hold of me. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but these shots also speak to my heart. There is something in each of these pictures that draws me in and makes it difficult to turn my eyes away. Click the link below to see a slideshow of my faves.

A slideshow of istargazer's favorites on Flickr


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