Ultra Classic

Ultra Classic
Originally uploaded by istargazer.
HDR (high dynamic range) pictures are really popular right now. Images that have been processed through HDR and then tone mapped can look quite incredible. The level of processing depends upon the user and some people really like to take it to the extreme and make the pictures look very unreal. It really is an art and because of that it's very subjective and there is no right or wrong. I prefer moderation and while I use HDR to enhance my own pictures, I try to make it look as close to reality as possible. The pictures in the two posts below are in HDR and tone-mapped from a single RAW file.

For the purists out there, who decry any kind of computer manipulation, this row of motorcycles is another picture I took on the Hog Wild ride but it is NOT HDR. It was just simply converted from the RAW file into a jpg with a little bit of colour correction.


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