2006 STI - 4861 km - Husky Liners: Front

I had originally ordered Husky Floor Liners for the rear seats back in December. Somehow, Lordco lost track of it, and when I went back at the end of January they had to order them again. They finally arrived today, but they were for the front (part #34031). I decided to keep them anyway, because the other day I was practicing heel-toe shifting and my foot seemed to get caught up on the mats I had bought from Costco.

The Husky Liner has way better coverage and is more flat. I had to do some trimming around the trunk latch to make it accessible and some around the dead pedal (which is normally completely covered by the liner) because I wanted to be able to see the Autospeed dead pedal I installed. The set for the rear is on back-order, so who knows when I'll get those ones.


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