2006 STI - 4470 km - Meguiar's Deep Crystal System

We've been having really weird weather. Most of the snow that fell on Friday had melted and Sunday was an absolutely beautiful sunny day. Yesterday morning it snowed again for a short time, but the afternoon was warm and sunny again. Today it started as rain, but as I type it's changed to snow again.

Anyway, yesterday I used the first day of Spring Break to give the STI a complete cleaning and a good coat of carnuba wax. The NXT Tech wax that I used about four weeks ago was holding up well on the hood and the roof because water was still beading. But it had already worn off on the sides and the trunk. I'm really looking forward to installing the Rally Armor Mud Flaps because there is a lot of splash back. I decided to use what I already in my garage: Meguiar's Deep Crystal System which includes a 3-step process. First comes the Paint Cleaner, then the Polish, and then the Wax. It was very time consuming, but it looks great and I'm confident that this will last a lot longer. I was very thorough and made sure to get everywhere (including the door jambs) so that this will work as a good solid wax base. I intend to use the NXT Generation wax for maintainance.


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