Toys from Japan, Part 3

The last Japanese accessory I installed was the heated grips. Unlike the other parts, these ones did not come with English instructions. I'm happy to report that the installation was a lot easier than I was anticipating.

I finished the install last Sunday and was able to try them on my Monday morning commute. Boy, are they nice! They kept my hands and fingers nice and warm and I was able to enjoy the ride again.

We were swamped with a thick fog until just yesterday and the cold air dropped temperatures down to 1 C. The wind chill would have made it -7 C! The heated grips worked well, but they don't help as much in stop-and-go traffic. My finger tips got cold and numb because I had to keep my fingers covering the brakes --I guess I have bad circulation. I think if I were just cruising on open road I wouldn't have this problem because I could just keep my hands on the hot grips.

Anyway, details of my install are posted here:


  1. This is an awesome site! I do not have a Japan toys collection, but I hope to get at least a few toys soon. This is a great site and I love how this all comes together perfectly! Nicely done!

  2. I use to live in Japan and what I remember is they have the best gadgets and accessories. I loved it!


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