Hello? Anyone there?

I just found out that my bank has been trying to reach me for the last little while. Judging by the number of messages left on my dad's answering machine (he's been away for the last month and a half), they've been calling about twice a week for the last 4 weeks. Something about reviewing my RSPs with my financial advisor. What peeves me is that I haven't been using that number for the last five years. I've had dealings with her many times including setting up appointments, renewing my mortgage (twice), getting a line of credit, reviewing my investments as recently as this past summer. Why all of the sudden are they using that old number? Why keep calling when I'm obviously not getting the messages?

Anyway, I was right about the residue on the Sequoia. I saw a salt truck this afternoon at the 4-way stop a block from our house. I wonder if they put rust protection on scooters?


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