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My Summer Of Ingress: Day 1 - 29 June 2015

Today was a big day of Ingress for me. I walked over 14 km in two sections of south Richmond!

I started at the dog park at the end of No. 3 Road and did a lot of doubling back for keys and creating fields for about 9 km of walking. I then parked the car near the Britannia Shipyards and walked into Steveston for another 5 km. My feet are very tired, but I also feel a great sense of satisfaction.

I measured the actual walking distance from my car with my Garmin Fenix GPS watch. The Ingress app actually credited me with 18 km.

AP earned: 482,715

Portals captured: 104 (93 uniques)

Resonators deployed: 896

Missions completed: 13

As a bonus, I also hacked 3 AXA and 3 Ultra Link Amps. I had to Jarvis and recapture one of my portals at the end to finish a mission, but then I hacked another Jarvis to replace it.


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