Vancouver International Auto Show 2011

I visited the Vancouver International Auto Show earlier this week on opening day and got a chance to get up close and personal with a lot of amazing vehicles.

Continuing my habit of only carrying my cellphone, I took as many pictures as I could while the battery lasted. When that died, I took out my iPod and continued taking shots:o) All the pictures have been edited on the iPod (using only free apps because I'm cheap) and while the editing process is slow, you can see the set as it grows here:

Flickr: Vancouver International Auto Show


  1. Vancouver auto show is the third biggest event to take place for the Canada. Vancouver is regarded as the automobile city.

  2. Going to an auto show is a very priceless experience.
    you can take a look at various luxury cars and take some photos of them. Nice photos though for photos taken my ipod.

  3. Great show, and great pic of the Audi R8 Spyder!


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