Torque Multiplier

I'm planning on installing the new ProPride 3P hitch by myself when our Keystone Premier 31BHPR trailer arrives. It seems straightforward enough, but some of the bolts need to be torqued to 250 lb-ft. That's not something easily accomplished with everyday basic tools. I have torque wrench but it's rated only up to 150 lb-ft. I could not find any torque wrench rated above 250 lb-ft, but my searching led me to find something that I had never heard of before, a torque multiplier:

From RV Mods and Accessories has a great explanation of how a torque multiplier works as well as some very helpful pictures and information about the ProPride hitch. So I went out and bought the torque multiplier today which was on sale for only $70 (regularly $110).

The 2010 Keystone Premier 31BHPR travel trailer we ordered waaay back in February should finally be arriving soon. Apparently, on top of all the other reasons for delay that we heard through other owners (slight specification change and high demand), according to our salesman, the factory had trouble finding enough drivers to deliver the trailer up north. We are now "at the top of the list" so hopefully it will be here soon.


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