Thanksgiving Camp

Thanksgiving Camp
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We left home after I got off work on Friday to go RVing in our Tango trailer. It would be our last trip of the year before putting the RV into storage for the winter and would mark the 29th night of camping in 2009. A pretty good number if I say so myself!

It took us almost an hour to get over the Port Mann Bridge, but traffic was pretty smooth after that. We got to the campground after dark and I had the hardest time backing the trailer. I could not see a thing back there and because I didn't remove the trunnion bars, I was paranoid about turning too sharply and breaking them off like I did earlier in the summer. It was actually my first time doing it in the dark and after a couple of failed attempts, a couple of neighbors, Mark and Steven, helped guide me into position. Without their help it would have been a very long night for us!

The weather for the weekend was clear and sunny but cold because of the arctic air that came in from the north. Overnight temperatures were near freezing but the fire kept us warm when we were outside and the furnace did the same when we were in the trailer.

Of course the swimming pool was closed for the season so we spent our afternoons shopping at Target and Walmart. We even went to an awesome party supply store for the kids' Halloween costumes. They had just about everything you could think of. I bought myself some "X-ray Vision" glasses for the next time the school has a crazy-glasses day. The jumping pillow at the KOA was free and the kids were able to work off some energy at the playground after we got back from shopping. It was our first Thanksgiving away from home and it was nice spending it by the fire.


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