Intec Cooling Station for Wii: Thumbs Down

I've been meaning to give an update on the Intec cooling fan I bought for our Wii. This is the original post.

It didn't last too long. The fan stayed on even when the Wii was turned off and the noise was quite loud when nothing else in the room was on. But within a week or two, I noticed that it had gotten much quieter. I figured that the thing had just died. However, I just did a check right now and it's still alive, but quietly wheezing as if it was on its death bed. I think I'm going to remove it and toss it in the garbage because I don't want the Intec cooling fan to make the Wii any warmer than it should be. The vents are more blocked with the Intec fan mounted and if the fan isn't working, well then, what's the point? Maybe I'll try plugging it into the computer so I can get a better look at what the fan is actually doing now.

I wonder when I'll learn my lesson? I've already bought two other cheap (under $10) accessories for my PSP (a power adapter and a grip with a built-in extended battery) that pretty much died a week after I bought them. I suppose I should have gotten my money back, but with 4 kids occupying my life, the effort would not have been worth my time.


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