Suzuki Burgman 400: Ride from Mission to Hope

Smoke Break #1 - Mission, BC
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I went out on a ride today on my Suzuki Burgman 400 with a group of bikers I met on a (Subaru) online forum. We took the back roads from Vancouver, BC to Mission and then up to Hope where we had lunch. Then we took Highway #1 back to Vancouver. All together, the trip was about 250 km. It was a nice ride and while there was a lot of long-weekend traffic, there were some stretches of open road.

I was able to try out my new Shift Havoc pants, which are a combination of leather and textile. I really like them because they fit just like jeans and are very comfortable. They have armored padding on the knees, and leather for abrasion protection as well as 3 very convenient zip pockets. The fabric let through enough air while we were moving so that I did not feel overheated even in the 30-degree Celcius temps we had today....

I'm also glad to say that the 400 did admirably well keeping up with the sport bikes. While the Burgman lost on pure acceleration, if I anticipated the moves of the riders in front of me I was able to catch up quite quickly when they encountered more traffic. The top speed I reached today (as indicated on the speedo) was 158 km/h on a slight decline. On the flats, I was able to get to 150 km/h. At this speed, the Burgman still felt incredibly stable. While I normally tuck-in with my feet on the upper floor boards, today I rode with my feet flat on the lower portion and felt even more agile and stable than usual.

The weather was hot and sunny and the scenery was absolutely beautiful. I wish I could have taken some pictures while we were moving.

Smoke Break #2 - Harrison Hot Springs, BC

Smoke Break #3 - Hope, BC

Smoke Break #3.5 - Gassing up in Hope


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