Troll Cage!

Well, I guess it was bound to happen one day. I was scanning through the web stats and it looks like someone took the banner image of my garage (I changed the version above with updated text--Oh, Cana... duh!) and was using it on a forum to make lots of friends ;0)

Here's the link:
The Colorado Racing Network --> Owned Supra! ***NOT WORK SAFE***

This is the full size picture:

That is what Stargazer's Garage actually looks like. You can see my daughters' bikes in the front. On the wall in front of the STI I have some bulletin boards where I've hung some automotive posters on the wall and license plate frames. One picture is of the yellow RPI Equipped VW GTI. On the door next to the bulletin boards I have a picture of the VW R32, the Mazdaspeed Miata, a poster for the Vancouver Molson Indy, and a Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit poster (which you can't see).

BTW, I'm surprised how many hits I get from people searching for "dixie horn" :grin:


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